I started Rap Words in January 2011. The objective was to collect rhymes with interesting/unusual/sophisticated words used by rap artists.I found words manually by searching rap lyrics databases like OHHLA and Rap Genius with words from existing word of the day sites. I tried to streamline the process by scraping a local copy of a rap lyric database and doing a massive many-to-many grep of all lines in a GRE word list. Making blog posts is more than just finding words, I have to choose the correct definition, extract the surrounding bars in the verse, and get the YouTube video. It still isn’t a very laborious process, but whose got time for all that?

I took the “automation” part of the blog one step further in November 2016 when I whipped up a few APIs and some barebones natural language processing to make things easier. You can see the Jupyter notebook for that on Github and try it yourself with the sample dataset. I gradually explained that notebook in a talk at PyCon Canada 2016 and the video for that talk will be online shortly.